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Zoo Med Laboratories

Zoo Med Day & Night Reptile Combo Pack

Zoo Med Day & Night Reptile Combo Pack

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Zoo Med's Day & Night Reptile Bulb Combo includes one Daylight Blue Bulb and one Nightlight Red Bulb. The Daylight blue bulb gives heat with naturalistic day light while the Nightlight red bulb is a heat lamp for 24 hour heating.

At a Glance

  • 60 Watt daylight blue bulb for heating reptile or amphibian terrariums providing bright naturalistic light and UVA ray to support psychological health.
  • 60 Watt nightlight red bulb - true red glass 24 hour heat lamp mimics night.
  • European quality for long lasting burn life.
  • Perfect nightlight bulb for viewing the nocturnal behavior.
  • Un-coated blue glass has better heat transfer.

About Zoo Med

Here at Zoo Med, animals are our passion, and for over 40 years we have made it our mission to supply the very best in exotic pet foods, reptile products, and reptile habitats. As a company made up of reptile hobbyists, we strive to provide the supplies and knowledge needed to successfully care for reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects and other exotic pets to keep them happy and healthy.

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