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Awoo Link Felt Toy

Awoo Link Felt Toy

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Designed to liven up playtime and enhance every room. The playful shapes and colors are too pretty to hide away with the rest of the toys.

Each silhouette is a triple threat offering 3 types of engagement: chew, toss, & tug.

Handcrafted by a co-op of talented female artisans in Nepal. Not only are the beautifully (non-toxic) dyed fibers digestible, but the texture of the fiber is excellent at keeping your pup’s teeth clean making felt toys perfect for every type of biter and chewer.


  • Total length roughly 10"
  • Each ring roughly 3.75" x 5"
  • Ring thickness roughly 1.25"


  • 100% wool from Patagonia and New Zealand

Good for your pup and the planet

*This item is exempt from being returned. All Awoo toys are designed to be chewed and thoroughly played with. Some dogs may gently chew on their felt toys, while others prefer to immediately tear them apart. We are unable to guarantee that your toy will last for a specific period of time as it all depends on the type of chewer your pup is.

Awoo has sourced materials that are more earth-friendly, and we have consciously kept the chemical makeup of each material pure so it can be easily recycled.

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