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Lee's Mini Betta Hex Tank Kit

Lee's Mini Betta Hex Tank Kit

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  • One small Betta Keeper® makes a wonderful desktop or counter top display piece or create spectacular eye-catching displays by stacking several units.
  • Ridges on the lids allow for stacking multiple small Betta Keepers® or to mix with large Betta Keeper® units.
  • When in close proximity with one another, Bettas are stimulated to intensify their colors, spread their fins and flare their gills.
  • Liquid volume - 24oz.

About Lee's 

Lee's Aquarium & Pet Products was founded in 1975 by Lee and Mary Jo Schultz. Lee's continues to be family owned and operated, with 2nd and 3rd generation family members among our approximately 50 employees. Our offices, manufacturing and distribution facilities occupy two buildings and are located in San Marcos, California. Our manufacturing functions include plastic extrusion, injection molding, assembly, and packaging. 

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