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KONG Connects Magnacat

KONG Connects Magnacat

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KONG Magnicat saves kitties from boredom with magnetized paws that let him hang out while delivering endlessly entertaining variety. Irresistibly dangling legs and a flowy tail spark and reward instinctual batting while crackle sounds reward natural hunting behavior. Crackles and KONG North American Premium Catnip keep the heroics happening longer.

At a Glance

  • Cat toy with magnetized paws for portable fun.
  • Fluttery tail and long legs are perfect for instinctual batting.
  • Crackling sounds reward natural hunting behavior.
  • Unique shape encourages natural stretching instincts.
  • Added catnip provides even more entertainment.

About Kong

We believe dogs need safe, everlasting fun. That’s why we’ve worked since 1976 to bring you and your pet the most innovative and safe toys made from the finest materials that will last. From obsessive attention to detail and a relentless pursuit of education, we are dedicated to giving pet parents a way to connect with their pets.

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