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La Pet-isserie

La Pet-isserie Canine Candies

La Pet-isserie Canine Candies

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Nothing is more candy-like to your canine than liver.

Dogs just can't get enough of its densely packed nutrients. With a single bite of this super-organ, your pooch gets vitamins A, B, D, E & K + iron, copper, magnesium & phosphorus. Oh la la!

Besides, what would life be without the pure joy of eating once in a while? Go on, spoil your fur-baby rotten with these delicious, but guilt-free desserts!


  • Dried Beef Liver Slices
  • Dried Lamb Liver Slices
  • Dried Pork Liver Slices


0.4 lbs compostable bakery bag

Packaged and produced with a minimal carbon pawprint.


Store in a cool, dry place. Best if used in 6 weeks.

La Pet-isserie proudly sources humanely & sustainably pasture-raised animals & organic plants from the Hudson River Valley. All products are 100% preservative-free & raw-dehydrated at a low-temperature to maximize nutrition, but minimize carcinogens.

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