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BeOneBreed Yellow Slow Feeder Dog Food Bowl

BeOneBreed Yellow Slow Feeder Dog Food Bowl

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At a Glance

• Perfect for the initiation to slow feeders • Ensures slower feeding time
• Can help prevent bloating & indigestion • Helps reduce unwanted behavior
• Ideal for wet or dry food • Dishwasher safe (top rack) - BPA free



SMALL, DOG, LVL 1 8" 1"
LARGE, DOG, LVL 1 12" 1.5"


Small DOG level 1: up to 1.5 cup of kibble

Large DOG level 1: up to 5 cups of kibble

About BeOneBreed

It began with one major purpose: to create products that will meet nothing but the best for our pets while adding an edgy touch to our designs. Have you ever felt like the pet industry is stuck in the 80's? You don't want to put brown and beige dog beds in your living room anymore? How about this old unstable carpet cat tree? We all know it will end up in the basement one way or another.
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