Puppy Essentials

Puppy Essentials

As animal lovers, we’re well-versed in the positive benefits dogs can bring when you share your life with them. Embarking on a lifelong journey with a new furry companion means getting a new addition to your family. In some ways, they are better than family - they will never tell you how to drive or ask to borrow money! Sharing a life with an animal is exciting; it adds to your purpose and brings tons of snuggles and laughter.

New puppies are more than just adorable faces; they are living creatures with needs. New puppies require attention, love, training, and guidance. But, with proper supplies, preparation, lifestyle adjustments, and research, you’ll be successful with your companion by your side. Here is a list and our product recommendations to ensure your new fur baby has everything they need to be comfortable in their new home.

Bedding - Create a comfortable space 

Bringing a pup into your home might be overwhelming for you, but it’s more overwhelming for a puppy. It’s important to note that puppies need time to familiarize themselves with their surroundings. Luckily, there are ways to make them feel comfortable. Choosing a suitable space is essential for the first few nights since they are not potty-trained yet; it’s crucial to choose designated areas where they can eat, go potty and sleep. Ensure that their meals aren’t close to their potty area, and you may want to put their sleeping area near you to avoid separation anxiety. 

         Choosing the right bed, crate, and exercise pen is key to putting your puppy at ease.  The Ethical Pet Sleep Zone All-Around Faux Fur Dark Gray Pet Bed is the perfect first bed for puppies, providing soft comfort. This pet bed is made out of all faux-fur that provides your pup with a sense of security, ideal for small dogs.

Puppy Sleeping


As a puppy grows and adapts to its environment, it’s essential to train them at the early stages in their lives to practice important habits in their daily routine. Ideally, you’ll want your puppy to enjoy getting groomed so that it won’t be problematic in the long run. Ease grooming into your routine by practicing gentle grooming sessions to make them feel comfortable.

When choosing grooming tools, you’ll want to consider your companion's breed and type of coat. Puppies have sensitive skin and softer hair follicles, so choose gentle grooming tools made exclusively for puppies. Consider soft bristle brushes or a wide-tooth comb rather than a pin brush made for older dogs.

Pet wipes, such as Earthbath Grooming Cleans & Conditions Green Tea & Awapuhi Plant-Based Wipes, are helpful for cleanups between baths like after eating or playing.

Consistently cleaning your pup’s ears doesn't only keep dirt at bay, it also reduces the risk of swelling, yeast, and ear mites that may cause long-term problems. Kin+kind’s dog ear cleaner is made from organic ingredients. Its water and alcohol-free solution mean you apply and leave it in without causing stinky bacteria or irritation.

Toys - Stock up!

You’ll be surprised at the amount of energy your puppy will have, and playing with them will be one of your favorite pastimes. To get out pent-up puppy energy, you’re going to need toys that promote activity and provide mental stimulation. Stimulating both their body and mind will assist with preventing behavioral problems now and in the future. 

We love Jolly Pets toys for their durability. The Jolly Pets Teaser Ball is ideal for chasing and solo-play. It keeps dogs, young and old, entertained for hours, trying to get the smaller ball out. Our Everywhen Pets community loves adding peanut butter to give them that extra motivation! 

Another favorite from Jolly Pets is the Romp N Roll. It might take some patience and practice to get your pup to bite and latch on to a rope, but a fun game of tug of war relieves stress, and because it floats, it’s ideal for water-based fetch for when they’re older. A bonus is that it’s scented like blueberries!

Having a variety of toys on hand will ensure that your pup isn’t bored. In addition to ball and rope toys, plush toys are a great addition to the toy box. There are a variety of plush toys available to satisfy every puppy. Whether you’re looking for plush toys with a squeaker, without a squeaker, stuffed, and without stuffing, we them all. A favorite set of plush toys is P.L.A.Y. Barking Brunch because it is made with a sturdy exterior double-stitched edges to promote durability and stand up to any ruff-housing. Plus, they’re safe to put in the washing machine and dryer when they get dirty.

Crates and Gates - Safety First

Realistically, you can’t be with your pup 24/7 because you’ll need to go to work or run errands. If correctly and humanely used, using a crate for short-term confinement keeps your dog safe while giving you peace of mind when they are left unattended. Please note that crates are intended for short periods only; if you will be leaving your dog home alone for extended periods, it’s best to find a pet sitter or dog walker to be with your pup when you can’t. 

When choosing crates, you will want to consider the size and breed of your pet. Make the crate a place they like to spend time by adding pet-safe blankets, cushions, dog beds, or toys for extra comfort. 

You may also want to consider adding gates to section off rooms or areas you don’t want your pet to roam. Unlike a crate that promotes security and relaxation, a gate can section off a part of your home dedicated to your dog to roam freely. You can make this space comfortable for your pet by including their food, water, bed and toys. 

1, 2, 3... Begin Training

Potty training requires a lot of patience from you and trial and error from your puppy. While your puppy adjusts to its new environment, accidents are a given. It’s never too early to start potty training by introducing training pads. Even after their first vet appointment, new puppies are not ready for the outside world. A tip from patch.com is to cover an area of your home with a couple of training pads for them to get used to going potty there. You can start removing the pads little by little, so your pup can target a smaller potty spot. When choosing a training pad, opt for biodegradable pads without harmful chemicals or scents.

A clean home is essential for you and your pup’s overall well-being. We love Skout Honor’s all-natural cleaning products because they are plant-derived, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and effective. You can see our collection of cleaning products here.


Following a regular feeding schedule will keep your pup healthy and strong as they grow. You'll need to follow the recommended diet from your vet and serve your puppy healthy, foods that are tailor-fitted to their size, age, and breed. There are many high quality foods available on our site and Canine Caviar Grain Free Puppy Holistic Entree Dry Dog Food is one of the best.

The ingredients in all of Canine Caviar’s foods are limited ingredient and designed as a natural diet, to mirror what dogs eat in the wild. Canine Caviar’s Grain Free Puppy is a full hypoallergenic dog food making it the best dog food for allergies.


Puppies love to chew, and like us, they love to indulge in treats. All-natural treats have superior quality, are beneficial for their teeth, and they offer additional health benefits with no adverse effects.

We love La Pet-isserie’s treats because they are fresh, all-natural, and, most importantly, healthy! A puppy favorite is La-Petisserie’s canine chew-ables. They come in various flavors (chicken, pork, beef), and contain fully digestible bones and cartilage. The hardness of these treats scrapes & cleans teeth like a toothbrush while also providing mental stimulation. Last but not least, they contain the collagen, gelatin & base minerals dogs require to coat & protect their digestive system & joints against the harmful effects of stomach acid & inflammation. 

Collar, Leash, Harness

There is a variety of styles of collars, leashes, and harnesses available. As your puppy grows and begins taking walks outside, you'll want to consider their comfort, breed and size when selecting collars, harnesses and leashes. Due to a puppies small size, look for a collars and harness secure enough that they can’t wiggle out of.

Awoo’s Huggie Harness is a perfect and comfortable fit that is snug like a hug, and we love how it’s made out of sustainable materials, such as its light air padded mesh harness with adjustable neck and chest.  We guarantee that your pups will take their first walk outdoors with ease, comfort and style! 

We also recommend Awoo’s Pack Collar, which come in various colors and sizes. It’s crafted with the perfect blend of excellent quality materials, such as Recycled polyester and high-quality brass that retains its color and finish without chemical coating. Additionally, this collar combines the gentle control and no-slip security of a tension collar with the easy on-and-off of a fast-release buckle.


Dog bowls come in different shapes, sizes and materials.  A shallow bowl is well-suited to breeds with a flat nose, while a deeper dish is more appropriate for dogs with long and narrow muzzles. Choose a dog bowl that isn’t porous to reduce the risk of bacteria such as salmonella. Many plastic dog bowls contain BPA, which is a harmful chemical that will leach onto your dog’s food and water.  You will also need to consider if it’s easy to clean or dishwasher safe. 

We love Ethical Pet's Hungry Dish. This stylish dish not only looks great in your home but it’s made out of durable stoneware that's dishwasher safe. 

Health & Wellness

At Everywhen Pets, health and wellness is embedded into our core values. It’s essential to consider your pup’s overall health at every step. Optimal wellness can be achieved with preventive care, exercise, and diet, including supplements that promote a healthy gut. These are our favorite supplements to keep your pup healthy from the inside out.

No matter the breed of your pup, you'll want to help them maintain a healthy coat, skin, and immune system. Dr. Tim’s Alaskan Salmon Oil is an all-natural supplement that supports your pup's immune system while preventing shedding and fosters healthy skin and a smooth, shiny coat. The Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids in salmon oil promote brain, joint, immune, and skin and coat health.

        The Honest Kitchen's Daily Boosters Probiotic Goat's Milk Liquid Treat supports digestion, immune systems, and well-being. These Goat’s Milk treats are made from highly-digestible dehydrated goat’s milk plus 5 billion active probiotics and digestive enzymes. All you have to do is mix this packet with warm water to give your pet a delicious drink, pour over dry food, or use it to rehydrate, dehydrated foods.

We’re excited to join you on this journey with your brand new furry friend. Becoming a pet parent is an enormous responsibility, but it’s a fulfilling journey. As your bond strengthens and your pup feels the immense love you have for them, you’ll feel their unexplainable unconditional love, as if they chose you. 

For more puppy essentials, visit our puppy shoppe dedicated to new pet parents and their fur babies.

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